Swaziland, a beautiful country with peaceful people, but its future is on the edge of crisis as AIDS is devastating the country. Swaziland’s HIV/AIDS rate is 43%, which is the highest in the world. However, private sources believe that the true figure exceeds well over 50%. This epidemic promises untold human misery and suffering for children, families and communities. Swaziland needs help, hope and a way to begin rebuilding a stable future. We see this hope in a small town called Bulembu.

In the past, Bulembu was known as an abandoned mining town in Swaziland. However, Bulembu Ministries has been established to facilitate spiritual, emotional and physical restoration to the people of Bulembu. There are essentially two main ministry aspects to the vision of Bulembu: providing ministry services and facilitation to the needy and vulnerable people of Swaziland; and develop a thriving business environment creating employment and generating profits which will support Bulembu’s various social, humanitarian and spiritual endeavors. It is our desire and prayer that the successful development of Bulembu will initiate, in a practical way, the rejuvenation of Swazi society – socially, economically and spiritually – and that it will serve as a template for restorative ministries of the future.


Swaziland is a small, landlocked African country of 1.2 million people, surrounded by the Republic of South Africa to the north, west and south and Mozambique to the east. It is the last remaining absolute monarchy in Africa, and although a Constitution was adopted in 2005, this merely entrenched the existing powers and authorities. Read More

Who We Are

Essentially, Bulembu Ministries Swaziland (BMS) has two complimenting ministries in its dualistic approach to serve its mission and vision. This is done by using a business-based approach to economic development, which empowers the poor with job creation and entrepreneurship and a social development approach to providing ministries. Read More


The primary social development objectives of Bulembu Ministries are to facilitate spiritual, emotional and physical restoration to the people living in Bulembu. To do so we will offer medical services, education, assistance to families in need, orphan care and spiritual development. The ministry stream and focus of Bulembu is critical to the overall mission. Read More