The Village of Bulembu has a unique history. Located in the scenic Highveld of North-West Swaziland, the town was built to support an extensive mining operation, the Havelock Asbestos Mine, which operated between 1938 and 1991. Over the years an impressive infrastructure was developed to support a thriving community of up to 10,000, including a broad range of housing, several schools, a hospital, stores, gas stations, social, entertainment and recreational clubs -- all the necessities of life for the town’s many inhabitants.

However, in 1991 the mine was placed in liquidation. The entire Bulembu site was taken over by HVL Swaziland and mined for another ten years. In 2001 HVL was liquidated and the property was purchased by the Bulembu Development Corporation (BDC) in 2004.


Bulembu is one of ten existing Company Towns in Swaziland. It is situated between Piggs Peak in Swaziland and Barberton in South Africa. It is only 2 Km from the border post at the South African border. Just to the south of the town is the Malolotja Game Reserve. Over the years the population in Bulembu has varied between 5000 and 10,000 residents. The town comprises over 1,700 hectares of privately-owned Title-deed land.



At the core of Bulembu’s infrastructure are its residential houses. There are approximately 1,200 houses, which range from 1 to 4 bedrooms. Not all have attached bathrooms and kitchens. Also, not every house has electricity. They are situated in 5 different zones as follows:

Hospital & Police

Providing a health service for the town, Bulembu has an 80 bed private hospital, currently functional as a clinic, but in need of supplies and refurbishment to resume full capacity. Bulembu also has a police station which has 3 permanent police officers and 24 Security Guards to maintain a safe environment for the residents.


There are 3 schools within Bulembu with a capacity to seat over 1,800 children. They could be used for establishing government schools or for modern private schools, offering an international Christian education. It is also possible they could be used as a summer Bible College.

Recreational Facilities

Currently, there are a number of amenities, from sports fields to gymnasiums, which enable us to offer excellent opportunities for youth sports camps and physical education.

Industrial Structure

The economic structure of the town allowed for a vast industrial complex which provides ample enterprise venture opportunity. Within its industrial structure, Bulembu has the following (See Appendix A.2 – Map of Bulembu Infrastructure):